Global Gas Crisis 2022: The German Response and the Impact on Germany's Energy Security


  • Nozad Abd Alrahman Diplomatic Institute
  • Sara Ahmed Almhandy Ministry of Foreign Affairs / State of Qatar



Gas, Gas crisis, Germany, Energy Security


      The study sought to analyze the relationship between the global gas crisis of 2022 and the German response to that crisis, and its repercussions on energy security in Germany. By reviewing previous literature, the study found that the German response to the 2022 energy crisis is still short of achieving energy security for Germany and providing a reliable and suitable alternative energy source at competitive prices compared to Russian gas. And between three strategic options is the search for new energy producers, looking for new energy sources, or the continuation of dependence on Russian gas, It seems that, the first and second options are the path that Germany pursued for its foreign policies after the Ukrainian war, and Germany seems to be facing a major challenge in the short or medium term to get rid of Russian dependence. Due to the lack of appropriate infrastructure and the absence of a source capable of supplying Germany with sufficient gas at reasonable prices. There are other challenges with regard to the search for alternative energy sources, represented in the failure of technological solutions so far to provide appropriate and safe quantities of energy.

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Global Gas Crisis 2022: The German Response and the Impact on Germany’s Energy Security. (2023). قضايا سياسية, 73, 217-238.

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