The US-Iranian Conflict and its impacts on Iraq’s National Security


  • Zinah Abdul Ameer Abdul Hasan College of Political Science and Low / Aliraqia University / Baghdad / Iraq



Conflict, Competition, Sovereignty, National Security, Regional Project


The US-Iranian conflict is a feature that has characterized the relations between the two countries. Various parties have made efforts to improve the bilateral relations between Iran and the US. The US-Iranian disagreements are not limited to a conflict of interests; rather, the ideas and principles of each side are at odds. Thus, each country perceives the other as a foe that threatens its value system. In the wake of the 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq, the latter has become an arena for competition between the two sides. The US-Iranian competition has had a critical impact on Iraq as it has contributed to the instability of this country. Iraq’s policymakers must be aware of the perilous effects of the U.S.-Iranian competition on their country, and they should prioritize Iraq’s national interest.

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