Turkish Foreign Policy towards North African countries: Motivations and Challenges


  • Zakaria Ehaloui مركز المتوسط للدراسات الاستراتيجية




Turkish foreign policy, North Africa, economic relations, motives, Challenges, soft power, hard power


Turkey seeks to become an influential force in North Africa and a major actor in the events it is happening across the region. It is also trying to search for new partners in the region, especially after its repeated problems with its traditional allies, in addition to creating new economic circles, securing sources of energy, and advancing trade exchanges with North African countries relying on its historical relations with these countries, and on the humanitarian and cultural diplomacy that it uses through its governmental and non-governmental organizations. However, its military intervention in Libya made fingers point towards it as a crisis maker and a cause of instability in the region, and Turkish foreign policy became exposed to many intertwined challenges regionally and internationally.

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