The strategic interests of the Russian Federation in the Middle East region


  • Duha Faisel Ali College of Political Science / Al Nahrain University / Baghdad / Iraq



Russia, Middle East region, strategy, interests .


   The importance of the study is based on the that the Russian presence in the Middle East region is a presence based on continuity in taking a number of means for the purpose of intervention, and despite the undeniable American superiority in the East region, Russia has a location that today cannot be underestimated, especially after the Syrian crisis 2011. The importance of the study also proceeds from the fact that the achievement of Russian national security today is based on how to penetrate the Middle East region through Russia's use of a variety of tactics that include arms sales, financing of minorities, energy, and even intervention in crises, opening the doors those were closed to face of Russia.The importance of the study also comes from the fact that the Russian presence is a challenge to US presence in the region as a result of the development of the Russian strategy in the time of Russian President Vladimir Putin towards the Middle East region, through which Russia seeks to sustain its survival in the region.


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